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Check valves are used to block the flow in one direction and open the flow in the opposite direction.

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Check Valves

HAWE check valve type B is available in three housing designs with internal and/or external threads. CRK is a spring-loaded ball-seated valve intended to block the flow into the manifold. The CRB valve is a shim style, which blocks the flow to the hexagonal head of the valve body. RK and RB valves are sturdy and contamination resistant in a spring-loaded ball-seated design.

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HAWE Check Valves

Releasable (Piloted) Check Valves

Releasable check valves are used in hydraulic circuits to provide a positive lock with directional spool valves, as a hydraulically actuated drain, or idle circulation valves. CRH and RHC valves are screw in valve cartridges. The RHC version is available with or without pre-release for high pressure and high-actuator flows. RH valves are used for blocking one or two actuator lines.

Product Overview: CRH and RHC | HRP | RH and DRH
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HAWE Valves

Pre-fill Valves

Check and pre-fill valve type F enables free flow in one direction and blocks the flow in the opposite direction. This valve is used as a high-flow valve in top ram presses for quickly draining and replenishing press cylinders during opening and closing in rapid traverse mode. The smaller sizes may be optionally equipped with a pre-relief device to prevent pressure surges during decompression.

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HAWE Valves

Line Rupture Safety and Shuttle Valves

For line-rupture-safety and shuttle valves, turn to HAWE. Check valve type LB is a line rupture safety valve. It is available as a screw-in valve or with a housing for in-line installation. WV (pipe connection) and WVC (screw-in) valves are shuttle valves with two inlets and one outlet. A ball travels between them, blocking the inlet with the lower pressure.

Product Overview: LB | WV and WVC
Product Detail:       LB | WV and WVC

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